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Tracy Argondizza

Owner/General Manager

It is very apparent that Tracy Argondizza lives her mantra – Who has time for maybe?

Tracy’s life started moving full force in the early 80s when she joined the U.S. Navy.  Her physical fitness level quickly landed her in a surprising role as Master Chief of the Drill Team.  During her tenure, she served in several notable assignments but is most proud of the work she did as Social Assistant to James Webb, Secretary of the Navy. in Washington D.C..

After serving 6 years in the service, her family moved to Maine to raise their son, Brandon. It’s no surprise that Tracy sought out a management position in the fitness industry and was hired at Tennis of Maine in 1989 as Operations Director. Even though fitness was her passion, Tracy was intrigued by the notion of working for a local company she had heard about for years – LL Bean. In 2006, Tracy was interviewed by the VP of LL Bean Japan.  His hiring remarks were, “anyone who worked for James Webb, can certainly work for me.”  So began 6 years in various roles at  LL Bean, with the most rewarding and interesting being her first position with LLBJ. That position afforded her the opportunity to travel to LL Bean stores in Japan and Hong Kong and witness the inception of that successful venture.

Throughout these ventures, Tracy’s positive attitude and distinct leadership qualities shone brightly, but it was the strong pull to fitness that guided her next steps. Tracy took a job with the prestigious Bay Club in downtown Portland in 2000. She went from a part time position working the front desk to becoming General Manager in 2001 to purchasing the club in 2006.

In the whirlwind of her professional endeavors, Tracy’s happiest and most fulfilling times are spent with her husband, Andy Argondizza, a professional musician, master gardener and fabulous cook!   Through the years, Andy has nurtured Tracy’s interest in singing and made it possible for her to perform with his bands from time to time.  She always makes sure to clarify that he is the professional guitarist, and she will always keep her day job!

Tracy has learned how to navigate a work/life balance, so you can often find her with her family at a cabin on Webb Lake or her condo in Fort Myers, engaging in hobbies like biking, canoeing, hiking, & dancing.

On her long list of accomplishments, Tracy is most proud of her son Brandon, his success as a wonderful human being, and his work in the Alaskan non-profit, Native Movement.  And on a daily basis, nothing makes her happier than virtually working along side her beautiful sister, Bobbie, as she plays a significant role in Bay Club operations.

As the owner of the Bay Club, Tracy realized her dreams of building a strong, positive foundation for staff & members to build healthy, happy, and prosperous lives. Now, she’s excited to bring this same energy to Peninsula Real Estate as a licensed agent.

Owner, Bay Club Fitness


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