Join the Bay Club community as we commit to bettering our health together!

Whether you’re just beginning your journey or you’ve been pursuing health for a lifetime, this challenge meets you wherever you are. In 30 days you’ll boost your energy, build strength, and springboard your overall health.

The 30-Day Challenge is designed to help you…

  • Increase your natural energy
  • Support a healthy metabolism
  • Build lean muscle mass
  • Aid in faster recovery from workouts
  • Improve digestive health
  • Reduce inflammation, aches, and pains
  • Fuel your body for long-term health

How It Works

Let’s face it – overhauling your diet and lifestyle in one single swoop isn’t realistic, or sustainable. That’s why the 30-Day Challenge is a kick-start to getting you in the habit of receiving the vitamins, minerals, and protein that your body needs on a daily basis with a simple nutrition routine.


Start with a 7-day food-based cleanse to completely reset your system. You’ll receive morning and evening supplements as well as a supporting whole-food plan to help improve focus and energy, improve sleep quality, and support healthy digestion.


Take a convenient supplement strip each day with food to fuel your cells with the essential daily nutrients you need for a healthier life. Each strip provides a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics.


Choose one meal out of the day and replace it with a perfectly macro-balanced Life shake. A clinically proven meal shake designed to keep you feeling fuller longer with 20 grams of ultra-pure, non-GMO plant-based protein.

What You Get

Your 30-Day Challenge includes:
•  30 servings of clinically-backed supplements
•  28 servings of plant-based protein
•  7-day cleanse kit (optional to use)
•  30-day meal plan recipe book
Cost: $159 + tax (Valued over $500!)